Whispering Hearts

Whispering Hearts is an arm of echoes of my whispering hearts (EOMWH). It is a ministry aimed at amplifying and attending to issues of the heart through conferences and events for women, men, families/parents and championing initiatives that benefit the family at large.

Our aim is to create a relaxed and friendly forum where individuals, couples, parents and families are engaged, encouraged and enabled to thrive.

Our first event was held in October 2013 with women being our initial focus. The purpose of these events to date has been to position women; single, married, divorced or widowed, and their families for greatness, hence the reason for tagging our quarterly meetings, ‘POSITION’.

These are our beliefs:

*We believe we are on a ‘MISSION’ to ‘POSITION’ one another and those within our sphere of influence, in order to achieve long lasting and generational relevance.

*We believe that we all can be relevant in spite of our differing social class and status.

*We believe that the way a person is positioned, will determine to a large extent how great they, and their families become. Every decision, prayer, action, thought, affiliation and/or relationships is positioning you for a life that is worth living or otherwise.

*We also believe that you are either being positioned by someone for significance or you are positioning others. In other words, you are where you are because of an appropriate and intentional ‘positioning’ or not

Why don’t you join us in this mission by attending one of our events. You will definitely be glad you did. Please visit our upcoming events page for more details about our future meetings here http://www.echoesofmy-whisperingheart.com/events/