Our Founder

BolaOur Founder – Comfort – Bola Ogundeji.

My name is Comfort but I am commonly known as Bola Ogundeji. When I was growing up, I did not like the name – Comfort much. This is partly because my friends used to tease me about having an odd English name, but in a nice way. My mum however used to tell me about how comforted she felt when she was pregnant with me. I recently reconnected with the name, one of the reasons being my desire to bring comfort to those who are hurting.

In 2010, I started writing the Echoes of my Whispering Heart journals as a response to what I believed was God’s calling to help others amplify and attend to issues of the heart. The journals I write in most cases echo those things that are dear to mine and other people’s hearts But above all, it aims to reflect the heart of our heavenly father concerning our lives, marriages and families.

I love analysing things, events and people – not that they need analysing, but I often use myself as the subject of my own analysis. I am also a very reflective type of person who is passionate about everything family, marriage and building a strong society through Godly families. I hold a Masters degree in Human Resources Management, work within the industry and really enjoy what I do alongside writing journals, books, and training to be a therapist/counsellor.