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BolaOur Founder – Comfort – Bola Ogundeji.

My name is Comfort but I am commonly known as Bola Ogundeji. When I was growing up, I really did not like the name Comfort partly because my friends used to tease me about having an odd English name, but in a nice way. My mom however used to tell me that having me as a daughter brought her so much comfort right from when I was conceived. I recently reconnected with the name, one of the reasons being my desire to bring comfort to hurting hearts and to inspire hope in those who may be giving up on their God-ordained marriage.

In 2010, I started writing the Echoes of my Whispering Heart journals as a response to what I believed was God’s calling to support families. It was shortly after this that I experienced God’s supernatural restoration and deliverance in my own marriage. I therefore realised that the Lord was asking me to put my pen to paper and be a voice to the helpless, offer comfort to those who mourn and to be a cheer leader for the institution of marriage, something that is considered by our world today to be outdated. Echoes of my whispering heart ministry is intended to amplify and attend to issues pertaining to the human’s heart. The journals I write in most cases echo those things that are dear to mine and other people’s hearts as well as what has been the whispers of my heart for so many years.

Before gaining an admission to study Mathematics for my undergraduates degree, I initially wanted to study counseling but later changed my mind and now I know why. I love analysing people and events and I often use myself as the subject of my own analysis. I am also a very reflective type of person who has always had a great passion for the success of marriages and relationships. I hold a Masters degree in Human Resources Management, work within that industry and really enjoy what I do alongside writing journals.

I have discovered the impact of a failing marriage or a difficult one on people and that a lot of couples are and remain oppressed in their marriage with nowhere to turn to. However how they respond can have a huge effect on them and to their family. The level of relevant support and timely information that they have available to them will also have a direct impact on how they respond to this challenging phase in their lives. There was a time when giving up seemed to be an easier option for me and had it not been for the help of God and the great people He surrounded my spouse and I with in the form of very close family members and friends, our marriage may not have made it. They demonstrated patience even though they, like us didn’t have all the answers, encouraged us and made the journey less painful by their loving support and objective advice.

This experience taught me that indeed God is our very present help in time of trouble and He chose to dispense that help to us through others and ways that seemed ludicrous to the ordinary man. This has made me recognise the need for more assistance for the family through less formal routes as someone out there may not be able to access these routes. Formal routes of assistance are necessary in some cases depending on the situation but I am hoping that other women just like me will be able to find my contribution useful and give them hope in a hopeless situation. Thank God that I did not give up and as a result I am determined to do my part in helping someone hang in there too.

I am married to my friend and a really wonderful man and we’ve been married for over eleven years. In that timeframe, we have been through our own fair share of good and not so good phases just like some other couples but are grateful to God for what He has done for us. We live in London and are blessed with two wonderful and lovely children.

Whilst visiting this website, it is my utmost desire and prayer that you get blessed through reading my journals, blogs and other resources, and becoming fully the spouse/person that God intends for you to be. Don’t stop investing quality time, thoughts, energy and prayers in your relationships and the sacrifices will pale in comparison to the rewards waiting for you. Before you leave this website, don’t forget to check out my blog and leave me a note on what you like or don’t like about the article. I value readers’ feedback very much.

Finally, before you leave this page, would you like to assist in this ministry as a volunteer as I believe that God will extend its scope and capacity in the coming months and years and therefore I will need more hands on deck. If you are passionate about the institution of marriage and have a passion for encouraging and supporting others, please drop me an email and I would explore how we can together be an asset to this great institution.