My Desires Vs. God’s Will

Wouldn’t you like your desires to always match up with God’s will? After all, our desires emanate from somewhere deep within us that at times can be interpreted as a sign of God’s will and therefore carries with it, His approval. If you have been around for some time you will have noticed that your desires don’t always align with the will of God. While majority of us desire to do the right thing and the will of God, we however sometimes find ourselves at the crossroad of decision making where you know that your desires are a little bit wonky and out of sync with His will.

Is it sinful to have desires that contradict God’s will? Not in all cases I think. Some desires are totally against His will such as desiring to murder a fellow human being or to commit adultery. Some of our desires are not bad in and of themselves but if met, those desires could contravene God’s plan for our lives. For example, the choice of a husband, career or a pathway or the choice to divorce that difficult spouse. God gave us desires to help us understand and interpret our needs, longings and inclinations. Having those desires is not as crucial as what we do with them because on a regular basis, our heart will come up with its own desires. But we have to learn to subject our desires to the scrutiny of the word of God.

A few years ago, a great man of God taught us in my local church about how good God is. Since then, I have not let go of that revelation that God is a really good God and therefore whenever I find that I am consumed with a desire or craving/longing for something, I instruct myself to relax and that God always has better plans for me, much better than I could have for myself. He (God) is characterised by goodness and therefore He always wants to bless us and do great things for us. Matthew 7:11 puts it this way, ‘if you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! As a parent, I often want to bless my kids and go out of my way to anticipate their needs. Therefore if we humans know how to do this, it means God who is our heavenly father wants to do much more for us.

So what do you do when your desires contradict God’s will?

Go ahead and fulfil your desires anyway or wait for God’s will to be fulfilled? The bible is replete with examples of men and women who couldn’t wait for God’s will and timing but instead fulfilled their heart desires and those who chose God’s will above their desires. Jesus is a great example in the struggle with the will of God. Although he knew what the will of God was, as that was why he came down to earth, he still struggled at the human level but He chose to say ‘not my will but yours oh God’. The story of Sarah and Abraham also exposes how the desire to have an offspring led to the making of Ishmael through Sarah’s slave. The list goes on and on.

We must therefore be careful not to base important decisions on only what our heart craves for. This is because our desires can be temporal and misleading hence why we should never rely totally on them but allow God’s spirit to inform our spirits and influence our desires.

In what ways are you struggling to align your desires with God’s will? My encouragement to you today is to relax and believe that your desires are also part and parcel of God’s agenda for you so long as they are in his will. You cannot embrace anything you haven’t desired and so keep desiring, believing and acting on your beliefs. God hasn’t given you those desires to torment you. It’s there for you to discover what He’s already made provision for. Remember that it is important for your desires to line up with God’s agenda. I hear you saying “what if my desires are not in line with God’s will?” Well, all I can suggest is that you change your focus by going back to God and asking Him to help you develop healthy desires that point to His will for your life. By exposing your mind to the word of God, you will be transforming and renewing your mind. When this happens, your desires will also be influenced positively so much so that there will be no room for unwholesome desires.