He Loves Me!

Encapsulated in those three words above is the greatest life changing, mindset-altering and profound reality that makes anyone’s life worth living.

If you’ve been around for some time, you would have discovered that as humans we thrive on being loved and loving others. We want to be loved by those closest to us and likewise, those closest to us wish to be loved unconditionally. Husbands want their wives to love them and wives want their husbands to love them if possible more than they love themselves. Children want their parents to love them to the moon and back and to show it too. Parents wish their children once they leave home and become independent will continue to love them just as they did when they were young; those times when they couldn’t wait to mouth an “I love you to mom or Dad at every opportunity they get.

However in the fallen world we live in, I have discovered that things may not always go according to plan and not necessarily because we are bad or undeserving of good things. Nonetheless one thing that is sure to keep you stable and provide an anchor for your soul through adversity or during difficulties is the understanding and acceptance of the fact that God loves you and that He loves you too much to leave you by yourself.

What needless pain we bear, needless sorrow we experience and needless grief we attribute to others when we don’t consciously think of this fact. Life will be hard indeed if there’s no one we can vouch for to love us the way we are and unconditionally. As humans, we love and receive love based on our early years experiences and what our environment tells us love should look and feel like. To love the right way and unconditionally can only be through the help of the Holy Spirit. Having said that, there are times God brings people to us and around us to shine the light of His love into our hearts, but based on where we are at in our journey in life, we may abuse or not accept it. But it doesn’t matter as God’s love is inexhaustible and He is always reaching out to let us know he loves us.

A spouse’s love is only as real and genuine as His love for God and His/her understanding of God’s love and grace towards him/her. The Bible says that Love never fails! It may look like it’s failed in your life and story but the perfect and genuine love of God never fails plus it casts out all fear! How wonderful is that?

If you are navigating the stormy and tumultuous sea of life in any area right now, I will like to encourage you that the strongest and most enduring rudder you need to stir your ship is not another 20 steps to making it, hate, self righteousness, unforgiveness, and malice etc., but the realisation and assurance in those 3 letter words “He Loves Me”

Yes, God and Jesus loves you, but unless you recognise and accept it by faith, you will struggle through life and relationships. His love stabilises you and keeps you safe. Even if you are not a Christian or you once were and have retreated away from Him and His love, there’s more love in the heart of the father luring you to come home and accept His unconditional love.

Those who know and have accepted this reality are most able to share that love with others and able to honour and obey Him. You may say, no, you don’t understand, “my life is nothing much to write about, I’m a failure and a disappointment and nothing seems to be going well”. My bible tells me in Rom 12:1 that there is therefore now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. And this applies to those who would accept Him and His unmerited love.

Recently I was tempted to feel sorry for myself and was upset at ‘me’ for not being consistent with things I’d planned to do. Of course the devil and accuser of our soul loves it when we do that and he uses that opportunity to heap up some more guilt and condemnation. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit reminded me that nothing I do right, wrong or inconsistently can alter God’s love. I instantly felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulder and it was at that moment that I heard the gentle whisper of the words “He Loves Me”. So this reminder is for you just as much as it was for me and I hope that you will meditate on it day and night, wherever you go and in whatever situation you find yourself.

It is lovely and great when that He or She in your life loves you and you love them equally. Or it may be a parent or children. However their love will only ever be an extension of the expression of the Father’s love for you. So why don’t you embrace that which has no end or substitute and you will find that life is worth more living knowing that you are loved by the greatest God of the universe.

The devil wants us to doubt and question God’s love for us when he reminds us of those who have betrayed us, highlight our flaws, remind us of how lonely and desperate we are for a miracle but God has pledged to never leave nor forsake us. Psalm 27:10. What more reassurance do we need?

He loves You!

God bless
Comfort-Bola Ogundeji