Dads really do count

Just a few days ago, I sat watching from my train seat as a dad got off with his two little sons. The younger son couldn’t have been more than five years old while the older one could probably pass for seven. What caught my attention was this big burly man who got on his […]

Fatherhood by Design

Becoming a father can certainly happen by default, so long as the right ingredients for making babies are present, however I’ve come to discover that the successful raising of children cannot happen by default, but by intentional efforts of both fathers and mothers. Despite the notion that good and absent fathers are scarce in today’s […]

My Domestic Abuse Alert

For the last week and a half, I have been thinking about a recent domestic abuse incident, particularly one in which a woman with two children was beaten and left dead by her husband. This incident and the media response, including all the interventions that a lot of wonderful and good people out there have […]

Needless Abuse

Myles Munroe, in his book: Understanding the Purpose and Power of a Woman, stated, “When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”. Everyone can relate to abuse at one level or another, whether through personal relationships, experiences or that of others. We usually associate the word with treating or being treated in a harmful or […]

A Letter to the Church

A Letter to the Church. You might wonder why I chose the public domain to share this letter with you. Please know that I haven’t done this to undermine you but instead done this to ensure that as many of your members are able to read or access it. You and I know that you […]

7 Life Lessons learnt from Picasso

Before I tell you what these lessons are, allow me to tell you about Picasso. A few years ago, my daughter and son asked if they could have a dog or a pet. As I ‘m not a fan of cats, we agreed that the only common pet to us all is a dog and […]

Redeeming the Time

I sat down today thinking about what I would write about in this month’s journal and honestly speaking, nothing was prevalent on my mind. At least not until I watched a movie that a colleague had told me about. However by the end of the movie, I had come to a conclusion that I needed […]

Grace, Given and not Earned

Grace, Given and not Earned. As I sat on a bench at a station platform on a cold Wednesday morning earlier this month, waiting for my train to arrive, I reached for a copy of the daily metro newspaper which a lady had left behind as she got up to get her train. I quickly […]

Parenting in the 21st Century

As a parent to 2 children of ages 10 & 11 respectively, I have come to appreciate raising kids and the many sacrifices that parents have to make. On the other hand, I am also privileged to have experienced some of the rewards of being a parent. The fact that you have a family to […]

A Father

The record shows how essential men are to children and to society in general. The largest predictive factor in whether a child will graduate from high school, attend college, avoid crime, reject drugs, or become an unwed parent before eighteen is the presence of a father in the child’s life. According to a recent Health […]