The Eve Syndrome

“Then the Lord God planted a garden in Eden in the east, and there he placed the man he had made. The Lord God made all sorts of trees grow up from the ground—trees that were beautiful and that produced delicious fruit. In the middle of the garden he placed the tree of life and […]

The Counsellor

A couple of weeks ago and at the beginning of summer, I was privileged to attend an introductory course in Counselling and Psychotherapy, with a focus on Psychoanalysis. Prior to attending the course, I could say I had some idea about counseling in general, but going on the course helped me solidify some of the […]

What is in it for Me?

Many a times we ask the question above in relation to a venture or a cause before we commit ourselves to it. This is because we want to be sure that it will be worth our while or our investment in the long run. We also ask this question at an unconscious level at the […]

My Domestic Abuse Alert

For the last week and a half, I have been thinking about a recent domestic abuse incident, particularly one in which a woman with two children was beaten and left dead by her husband. This incident and the media response, including all the interventions that a lot of wonderful and good people out there have […]

7 traits you should beware of in People around you

We sometimes think that the people we need to be most cautious of are people with different beliefs, racial backgrounds, those who look, act or behave differently, and perhaps those from a different social or economic status. Whereas I have come to discover that the types of people we should all beware of may well […]

Needless Abuse

Myles Munroe, in his book: Understanding the Purpose and Power of a Woman, stated, “When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”. Everyone can relate to abuse at one level or another, whether through personal relationships, experiences or that of others. We usually associate the word with treating or being treated in a harmful or […]


With things like end of year, New Year, autumn and spring sale coupons constantly filling our mail boxes and deceptive adverts looming through our television screens, it is hard to ignore the fact that we now live in the age and a world where we are never deprived of options. Oh by the way, Black […]

Redeeming the Time

I sat down today thinking about what I would write about in this month’s journal and honestly speaking, nothing was prevalent on my mind. At least not until I watched a movie that a colleague had told me about. However by the end of the movie, I had come to a conclusion that I needed […]

‘Mere Wishes’ – A friend’s Note to All Singles

We all wish for certain things in our lives whether that is something tangible or intangible. Growing up, I remember my dad used this quote a lot “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” This was his way of telling us to get up and do something about an issue rather than wishing for it […]


It is a known fact that successful relationships are built on the foundation of trust; trust between husband and wife, parents and children, siblings, friends, relations, church leaders and their followers, political leaders and the masses and the list goes on and on. However, in this day and age a lot of people have lost […]