Fatherhood by Design

Becoming a father can certainly happen by default, so long as the right ingredients for making babies are present, however I’ve come to discover that the successful raising of children cannot happen by default, but by intentional efforts of both fathers and mothers. Despite the notion that good and absent fathers are scarce in today’s […]

When life doesn’t make sense… excerpts from a new devotion coming soon

At one point or another, every human being will face obstacles and challenges in their lives, and usually in those moments, life ceases to make sense, or so it seems at least. It may present as a loss of a loved one, the loss of a marriage or long term relationship, career or other personal […]

Where is God?

When life ceases to make sense to our natural minds and we find ourselves at the intersection of pain and suffering, we begin to ask where God is. Our belief system seems to suggest that the presence of a problem implies the absence of God. For the Atheist and unbelieving person, it further strengthens the […]

14 Things that Love is

In this month of love, I felt it necessary to focus on what love is. As we were celebrating Valentines’ day and I observed the attitudes of people and businesses towards that one day dedicated to celebrating love, I thought it was worthwhile reminding myself and every other person who will get to read this […]

Stand for Something

In a world where values are gradually eroding, I sometimes struggle to know what people’s worldview, ideologies or if you like, position are on basic/fundamental things such as faith, marriage, relationships, parenting, business, just to name a few. In my view, we are becoming a generation of people with confusing ideologies. Once upon a time, […]

The Power of a Story

We’ve all heard stories (good or bad), in our toddler years, early school years or read one in a magazine. Stories are a regular part of our existence. To me, stories, just like love, makes the world go round. We tell stories and are told stories about others and events. God loves stories, as He […]

Stranded People

If you’ve ever experienced a car break down in the middle of the night, in a remote part of an unfamiliar city, and with a dead phone, you may slightly understand the meaning of the word stranded. If you’ve ever got on a faulty train that has had to stop due to technical difficulties, but […]

My Domestic Abuse Alert

For the last week and a half, I have been thinking about a recent domestic abuse incident, particularly one in which a woman with two children was beaten and left dead by her husband. This incident and the media response, including all the interventions that a lot of wonderful and good people out there have […]

7 traits you should beware of in People around you

We sometimes think that the people we need to be most cautious of are people with different beliefs, racial backgrounds, those who look, act or behave differently, and perhaps those from a different social or economic status. Whereas I have come to discover that the types of people we should all beware of may well […]

Needless Abuse

Myles Munroe, in his book: Understanding the Purpose and Power of a Woman, stated, “When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”. Everyone can relate to abuse at one level or another, whether through personal relationships, experiences or that of others. We usually associate the word with treating or being treated in a harmful or […]

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