14 Things that Love is

In this month of love, I felt it necessary to focus on what love is. As we were celebrating Valentines’ day and I observed the attitudes of people and businesses towards that one day dedicated to celebrating love, I thought it was worthwhile reminding myself and every other person who will get to read this post of fourteen things that Love is. There surely is more, but in order to match this date in February assigned to celebrating love, I thought I’d use number fourteen also. Perhaps next time, I might share with you what love isn’t in my view. Enjoy reading.

14 Things that Love is

Love is:

1. When you make a conscious and daily decision to love yourself first, spouse and then others

2. When you choose to be kind instead of retaliate

3. When you choose to stand for the truth and speak for the truth in love, rather than remain passive

4. When you give without expecting favours or guarantees, whether you get back is immaterial because it enriches you

5. When you choose to sacrifice instead of escaping and abdicating responsibility

6. When you know that the obvious absence of an emotional tie with another person does not and should not erode your love
or make you love-less

7. When you are grateful for the things you have and for who you are, instead of comparing yourself to another person

8. When you realise that you are an entity, and not a quantity

9. When you go into marriage or relationships to give more than to take

10. When you do not enable others to disrespect and mishandle you

11. When you are patient with others, knowing that you need grace from time to time too

12. When you take responsibility for your actions, and at the same time give yourself and others the gift of forgiveness

13. When you have hope, not just in the present but in the future

14. Love is when you choose to reciprocate the greatest love of all – loving your maker

Now over to you, how do you define love?