Echoes of my Whispering Heart is a ministry that promotes the institution of marriage and supports individuals and married couples to thrive. Its aims are to encourage, enable and engage married couples and all individuals including singles who wish to get married.

The Echoes of my Whispering Heart journals are sent electronically to married couples and individuals who are on our mailing list including subscribers. The print copies of the journals are also now available in booklet format and provided free of charge when a request is made through the contact section of this website.

Our ethos is based on traditional Christian values, which underpins the success of marriages, family and communities.

We are committed to helping marriages and individuals realise their maximum potential. We achieve this by sharing approved real life experiences of the author of the journal and others through the blogs, articles, book excerpts and books. We also aim to provide counseling and advisory help to couples who may be going through difficulties in their relationships/marriages.